Syracuse University

Our Mission


Mission Statement

Our programs foster the successful recruitment, retention and graduation of underrepresented populations from the collegiate level through graduate studies and professional degrees.



Vision Statement

CGPA will be a nationally recognized leader in fostering student academic, professional, and life-long success.


Center for Graduate Preparation and Achievement

The CGPA Faculty Advisory Council complements the mission/vision of CGPA by:

  • Facilitating student-centered research
  • Enhancing the academic performance of our students
  • Acting as a resource for CGPA programs and students
Department/SchoolName Title
A & S - Writing Program Adam Banks Assistant Professor
Academic Affairs Patricia Stith Asst. Provost/Assoc. Dean Equity/Inclusion  
African-American Studies Kishi Animashaun
  Linda Carty Assoc. Professor
  Janis Mayes Assoc. Professor
  Kheli Willetts Asst. Professr
Anthropology Robert Rubinstein Professor
Architecture Lori Brown Assoc. Professor
Biology John Belote Professor
  Michael Cosgrove Asst. Professor
Biology Research Laboratory John Russell Chairperson
CASE Center David DiMaggio Program Manager
Center for Career Services Rosanne Ecker Asst. Director
Chemistry Dept. Karin Ruhlandt-Senge   Professor
  Michael Sponslor Assoc. Professor
  Nancy Totah Assoc. Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering Dawit Negussey Assoc. Professor
COHE- School of Social Work Alejandro Garcia Professor
  Carrie Smith Director
Communications & Rhetorical Studies Kenneth Johnson Asst. Professor
Computer & Information Science Wenliang Du Assoc. Professor
Cultural Foundations Ed Curric Dalia Rodriguez Asst. Professor
CVPA Foundation Judith Meighan Assoc.. Professor
Earth Sciences Aisha Morris Post-Doc
  Jeffrey Karson Chairperson
Electrical & Computer Engineering Lisa Osadciw Asst. Professor
Engineering Can Isik Assoc. Dean / Assoc. Professor
English Silvio Torres-Saillant Professor
Geography Allison Mountz Asst. Professor
  Jamie Winders Asst. Professor
Information Studies Derrick Cogburn Assoc. Professor
  Jeff Stanton Assoc. Dean
Law College Carrie Garrow Research Project Director
  Paula Johnson Professor
Multicultural Affairs Regina Jones Assistant Director
Physics Department Liviu Movileanu Asst. Professor
Psychology Catherine Cornwell Assoc. Professor
Public Communications Patricia Longstaff Professor
  Brenda Wrigley Assoc. Professor
Reading & Language Arts Marcelle Haddix Asst. Professor
School of Education Dawn Johnson Asst. Professor
Science Teaching Sharon Dodger Asst. Professor
  John Tillotson Chairperson
Sociology Christine Himes Professor
  Amy Lutz Asst. Professor
SUNY Upstate Medical Center Ruth Hart Professor
Writing Program Stephen Thorley Sr. Instructor


  • Increase the recruitment, persistence and graduation rates of underrepresented students affiliated with our programs, especially those in STEM fields.
  • Provide services and activities to enhance and increase student's entry into and performance in post-graduate professions.
  • Provide experiential activities focused on developing the skills necessary for current and future success.
  • Serve as a resource center for students to gain awareness of services available to them across campus and throughout the community.
  • Provide students with research opportunities with research-active faculty in their respective fields.
  • Provide academic services and scholarly activities to promote academic progress, personal growth and professional success.
  • Develop and enhance mentoring programs for undergraduate students.
  • Implement outreach programs for talented underrepresented students in grades 7-12 to attract students to the majors supported by our programs and Syracuse University.
  • Collaborate to improve the campus climate for students through the co-sponsorship of events with partners committed to diversity.